Happy Summer Revolutionaries!! This time of year I often think of my Grandma and how we could be mid-conversation and she’d say “isn’t it so nice the feel of the wind on your skin.” She had an uncanny ability to pause and make everyone around her consciously enjoy life – the sunshine, a blooming flower or the sounds of a bird in a tree. It seems simple but I think of her often especially when life feels busy and when the trials of the day feel overwhelming. I find that sometimes the world can feel deeply sad and divided and there are times when I need reminding to focus my thoughts and energy in the direction I want the world to go. This summer,

I took inspiration from the women of the US National Women’s Soccer team. Now I get that Americans can fairly be knocked for their bravado, their political divisiveness and their sometimes insular view of the world. That said, I was cheering for the American women (and clearly our team too) at this year’s World Cup. The vitriol and hatred that was directed at them, specifically the charismatic Megan Rapinoe at times felt really disheartening to me. It reminded me of how important it is to talk with people who live different experiences than our own. The American team represented a different view of who gets to be included in America’s democracy and in the world community. They sparked controversy for openly advocating for racial justice, gender equality and freedom of expression that stretched beyond social norms and expectations. These are qualities that I admire. In watching their plight, there were people from their own country that cheered against them and people who said mean things about people who were giving their best effort to represent their country. It made me sad that humanity couldn’t rise above perceived conflict at that moment.

However, in reflecting more I’m reminded that conflict is temporary and that sometimes it is in our points of conflict that we have opportunities to know each other better. In times of conflict, arguably like the one we are living in now, we have the opportunity to articulate the world we dream of and to wish out loud for the ways we want to see love manifested in the world. It seems timely to me as our organization is going through a point of transition. We are incredibly proud of our founding Social Media Director, Shyam Subramanyam, as he begins his University studies at the University of Southern California. We are also excited to be having his sister Shrinidhi, as well as, recent Denison graduate Megan DeCaire joining our team.

In this new time for us, we as a team are dreaming about what Revolution Now can be and do for our community and the world. We are dreaming about providing a greater platform to hear, share and amplify youth voices. We encourage you to stay tuned for a new social media challenge where you can participate in manifesting and calling in the world we can be and lead.

We also welcome you to join us at our first ever 2SLGBTQ+ Rainbow Awards on October 18th from 5:00-7:00pm at Lions Hall (200 Doug Duncan Drive, Newmarket ON). This will be our first ever celebration of local 2SLGBTQ+ youth. We invite you to nominate young 2SLGBTQ+ people in the categories of academic, athletic, artistic and civic excellence. We will be inviting local dignitaries, handing out awards, highlighting art from our community, as well as providing resources that support our community. We are excited to share that equity leader, Tee Garnett, has agreed to be our keynote speaker for the evening. We will also be handing out our first ever 2SLGBTQ+ scholarship awards to Patrick Mikkelsen and Isio Emakpor for their role in working to raise the Pride flags in York Region Catholic School Board. We invite people of all orientations and ages to participate in this inaugural celebration that takes place on the eve of Spirit Day, a day which holds a special place in the hearts of our Revolution Now team. To support this event, you can buy a ticket online for $20.00 or purchase a table with eight seats for $100.00. We thank you in advance for your support of our kids.

Thank you for the work you do in your spheres to create a more equitable, eco-conscious and loving world. It is not always easy work and I urge you to keep pausing to feel the wind and the sun on your face. Enjoy your days and keep on changing the world!!

With Gratitude,