Happy November Revolutionaries!!! As I write this, the seasons are changing, snow is on the horizon and the holidays are right around the corner. For me, this time of year has always been about giving. This is because the most impactful person in my life, my Grandmother Audrey Glanfield, instilled that value in me. She was full of wisdom, loved being around and learning about people, and was a devout Christian who was extremely charitable and generous in all of her days. However, during the advent, the time leading up to Christmas, she would always make a point of giving even more. She wanted everyone to be loved, heard and able to reach their full potential. She was the kind of person who had friends of every faith, age demographic and background. The door to her home was always open and she wanted to know everyone’s story because she understood that everyone had one worth listening to and learning from. She tried to live her life without judging people and she often prayed that her hands could be used to do God’s work.

As I’ve leaned into my role with Revolution Now! I find myself often trying to harness her spirit and example. It’s been my joy to help launch this multi-faith, multi-race, multi-age movement for change. I’ve been so encouraged by both people and organizations who have been enthusiastic in understanding and supporting what we are about. In particular, I’ve been touched to have the support of the OSSTF District 16’s Status of Women Committee. This organization, many of whom are family studies teachers, expressed excitement about the opportunity to disrupt fast fashion for such a fabulous cause. I’ve also been honoured to have had several female-owned businesses lend their financial support and social capital to bring awareness to the mission of Revolution Now! Specifically, I’m thankful for female-led businesses: Little Rebels Music, East Hamilton Cheese Company, Rising Spirit Bed, Breakfast & Wellness and the Society of Beer Drinking Women for their incredible support with our Spirit Day campaign. I think it’s also
important to recognize the political leaders in our town who have shown visible allyship in helping to advance the mission of Revolution Now! In particular, I am grateful for the early and loud support of Newmarket-Aurora’s NDP candidate, Yvonne Kelly who was among the very first people to join Revolution Now! I am also thankful for the Mayor of Newmarket, John Taylor, as well as, our local Councilwoman Christina Bisanz for their support and desire to create a more inclusive town.

Trying to endure through this pandemic has been incredibly difficult for many small businesses. Despite all that hardship, it has been the support of small business owners that has lifted and given momentum to Revolution Now! It has been local businesses like Carmichael’s Post Holes, Shooter’s Paradise, Razor Painting and Red Thread Brewery that believed in us and bought into what we are trying to do right from the very beginning. These are the types of businesses that need and deserve our support as the holiday season nears and always. You can find links to their businesses on the homepage of our website.

I am also incredibly honoured to be learning from and associated with local businesswoman, Karla Wilson who is the owner of Metropolis Mercantile + Cafe. This is a local business that shares our values around sustainability, buying local and creating community. I am so excited that our apparel is now available for sale at Metropolis Mercantile + Cafe and I encourage everyone to enjoy their atmosphere and check them out!

It is with all of this good energy and community spirit that I am excited to share about what is coming next for Revolution Now! We are excited to announce that as of December 1st, we will be starting a “Days of Giving” campaign, whereby we will be striving to donate fifty beanies to refugee children from Afghanistan. In this campaign, individuals and businesses will be able to buy a beanie, through our website, that will be given to these refugee children. Revolution Now! will pay the taxes and will hand-deliver the hats on your behalf. People who buy a hat will have the option to be highlighted in our daily social media campaign and businesses who buy three or more hats can choose to be linked on our website as an inclusive supporters. These children are brand new to Canada and are living in hotels facilitated by Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services. Winter hats are an item that must be donated in brand new condition and this is our opportunity to help. In addition, you can feel amazing about this donation because $8 from every hat donated will continue to go to creating an academic scholarship that will be awarded in 2022 by the Alliance of Educators for Black Students.

Thank you SO much for believing that ordinary people can create radical social change by working together. Thank you for wearing and sharing the message, for choosing to have your money create opportunities for traditionally racialized and marginalized communities and for understanding that sustainable, eco-conscious products are worth the investment. This is our time – let’s go change the world!!

With Gratitude,