Happy December Revolutionaries!! I recently had a conversation with my good friend Thomas where we were talking about what it means to have faith. In that conversation we reflected on the people who inspire us spiritually, as well as, how incredible it is when we can feel something divine working in our lives and be grateful for that blessing.

Revolution Now has been that for me. It’s a movement that was born out of something bigger than any one of us involved. It has always been about our shared humanity and the desire to celebrate each other. It has been a wild ride over this last year and a bit. I have no formal experience in any aspect of this and I’ve been amazed by the talents and skills that so many of us have contributed to make this movement happen.

At every new turn of Revolution Now whether it be small things like learning how to digitize art, analyze social media analytics or get an HST number to big things like figuring out how to find tens of thousands of dollars to mobilize this dream, the answers have always found a way to us. What I’ve learned along the way is that I don’t always have to know how it’s going to work out for us but that as long as there IS an “us”, a group of Revolutionaries who believe in each other, that we will find a way.

When I was talking with Thomas, I admitted that it’s a different way of functioning for me. I like planning and having a clear path to success. With Revolution Now, I literally never know how things are going to go or how people are going to feel and respond to our stories, designs and ideas. What I do know is that success is highly personal and that for me a lot of our wins are things that could never be found in an accountant’s ledger.

We’ve had lots of wins lately that I’m happy to share with you. Most importantly, this month we released our first long sleeved shirt that was designed by my former student, Noah Wright. Noah is an emerging fashion designer who has crafted a shirt to amplify Black Excellence and to help generate an academic scholarship for a student graduating from a York Region high school. We have also secured a location and musician for our second annual party which will also generate money towards that Black Scholarship Fund. We hope you will join us in these initiatives to provide opportunities to amazing young Black scholars in our community.

We are also excited to share that Revolution Now has been branching out and we are starting to share our stories as public speakers in various spheres. We were fortunate to be able to do some 2SLGBTQ+ learning sessions for the University of Guelph Women’s Basketball team, as well as Trinity United Church in Newmarket. If you are interested in having a member of our team come out and speak live or virtually with your organization, please reach out to us with how we can help share our stories with your team.

Lastly, we are hoping that you will help us spread the word about our first ever youth event. On Saturday December 17th from 6-8pm we will be hosting our 2SLGTBQ+ youth holiday party at the Trinity United Gym. We are eager to host a night of karaoke, games and fun and hope that you will help us in spreading the word. We know it will be a night of good times within an affirming community and we hope to see lots of local youth, ages 12-17, in attendance. We recognize that this is a busy time of year and that it is a difficult time in lots of ways for many people. We hope that this update fills you with some hope and a reminder that we are a community of Revolutionaries who are here for each other. Trust that your individual efforts and love make a difference in the world and that together good things will keep happening.

This Is Our Time. Let’s Go Change The World,